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As an A-Pro® Inspector, you’ll be getting about 95% of your business directly from local realtors in responses to the advertising and marketing program we provide for you, and of course, word of mouth once you begin to build your customer base. Our proprietary fast tract grand opening marketing plan and top notch benefits plan assures you that once they get to know you they will refer clients directly to you on an ongoing basis. In fact, once you’ve earned their trust, chances are you’ll be the only home inspector they’ll ever use.

One of the great things about the home inspection business is that it truly builds upon itself with every inspection you perform. You’ll find that by simply leaving your business cards behind at customers’ homes, they’ll refer you to their friends, family and co-workers like clockwork, much in the same way they refer quality plumbers, painters and electricians. And when you consider that 20% of Americans move into a new home each year, you can imagine the number of new client opportunities you’ll have every day. Your customer base is always fresh, and it’s virtually unlimited.

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