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A-Pro Home Inspection is a family-owned company founded in 1994 by Greg Mangiaracina, a longtime home inspection professional, Vice Chairman of the Louisiana Licensing Board for Home Inspectors and co-author of the book "How to Market a Home Inspection Business."

The philosophy that Greg built for A-Pro® is simple: to deliver fast, fair and balanced service that our customers can rely on with confidence, and to build a nationwide team of business owners who strive together toward the common goal of success and professional integrity.

A-Pro® currently boasts more than 110 locations in the U.S , handling thousands of inspections across the U.S. every year. We’ve become one of the fastest growing home inspection companies in the country, based on our dedication to quality, honesty and professionalism.

Our tremendous growth has allowed us to offer franchise opportunities to people like you; like-minded professionals that want to take advantage of the booming home inspection industry, but also to know that they’re teaming up with a proven industry leader. The A-Pro® team prides itself on standing behind its inspectors — day in and day out — providing the training, logistical & marketing support they need to successfully grow their businesses without limit.

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