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People of all backgrounds and experiences -- both technical and non-technical--have chosen home inspection as their business opportunity of choice: architects, engineers, salespeople, real estate professionals, managers, builders, and many other disciplines. People just like you looking for a career that can not only be financially rewarding, intellectually challenging, flexible, home-based, easy to manage and affordable.

Is it a job simply for building contractors and engineers? NO! Prospective home inspection business owners with stellar people skills and management ability make ideal candidates in this very people-oriented business.

Q: Can I afford a home inspection business?

A: An A-Pro® home inspection business is one of the easiest and most affordable businesses available today. Compared with other businesses, ongoing operating costs are minimal.

Q: How will I find customers?

A: We provide our partners with complete marketing support in the form of direct mail, telemarketing, sales letters, and leads generated from the Internet. We help you get over the initial hurdle of finding customers by delivering you qualified leads on a regular basis.

No cold calling is required and you do not have to develop your own marketing materials. We do it for you! Once you become established, your business can expand through referrals and continued marketing efforts.

Q. How can I compete against other established companies in my market?

A; Not only will you have complete marketing support, but we’ll also give you unique selling points that others in your market can’t match. Our unique services allow you to make an immediate impact in the market.

Q: I’m not very technical in terms of heating/air conditioning and other home inspection requirements. Can I still be successful?

A: Yes! Our
intensive training, provided by industry leader ITI, gives you all the tools to perform detailed, accurate and professional home inspections. Hundreds of trainees – from diverse technical andnon-technical backgrounds – have found satisfying careers in the home inspection industry. Plus, ongoing technical support is only a phone call away. You are NEVER alone when you team with A-Pro®!

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