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The home inspection business is one of the most secure corners of the real estate industry. Interest rates are stable, the housing market is strong, and people are relying more and more on highly-trained inspectors to help them make their home buying decisions. The fact is that virtually every home bought and sold these days has a professional inspection performed on it. That makes for a virtually limitless customer base.

Now, while federal law prohibits giving out earning projections for any franchise opportunity, we can tell you how to accurately gauge your earning potential in the home inspection business:

Included in your UFOC document package will be a list of all of our
A-Pro® business owners. We invite you to call as many of them as you’d like and ask them for their insights – not only on earnings, but on our company as a whole; the support we provide, the marketing, everything.

Also keep in mind that what you get out of your own business is what you put into it. If you’ve the entrepreneurial drive that our other owners have, we believe that, like our other franchisees, you’ll be extremely successful.

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