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What Makes Us The Best?

By teaming up with A-Pro®, you’ll be able to take control of future by offering your customers a myriad of features, benefits and added value that other inspection companies simply cannot match, including:

A free warranty evaluation included with every inspection.

A free 90-day inspection warranty for the homebuyer that clearly tells our customers that "If We Don’t Report It, We Repair it."

This feature assures the buyer that you are competent and your services are backed by a National Home Warranty provider.

Our exclusive 120-day warranty for the seller.

This feature helps move the seller’s homes more quickly and efficiently because the buyer knows that the home has been pre-inspected, and is already warranty-protected against potential problems.

Both warranties include free structural and roof coverage at no cost to our customers. A huge advantage that no one else in this business offers.

In approved states, we also offer three different extended home warranty plans for homeowners to choose from – all of which guarantee no pre-existing conditions on the home.

And A-Pro Home Warranty Company pays our inspectors a $50.00 initial warranty fee and $50.00 each year the plan is renewed. In other words, our customer warranty plan actually pays you on-going royalties, not the other way around. That can add up to literally thousands of extra dollars every year for you.

The "All-in-One" Plan, which guarantees no third party inspectors are needed after the inspection.

A common practice of the home inspection industry is performing a visual inspection, then, if a possible problem exists, recommending a further evaluation from a specialist (e.g., electrician, plumber, etc.). This means added time, expense and headaches for all parties – the homebuyer, the seller and – most importantly – the real estate agent. We eliminate that problem with our unique All-In-One plan.

We also provide a Foundation level survey with a CAD drawing to our clients. Again, this is something that other inspection outfits just aren’t doing for their customers.

What all this basically means is that all A-Pro inspections are covered by
warranties or guarantees that protect both our customers and our inspectors in the event that the inspector omits a problem in his findings. And that’s not only ironclad protection for the inspector; it’s also a strong selling point to prospective customers when they’re choosing an inspection firm to team up with.

In a nutshell, most inspection companies focus simply on price, whereas we focus on quality and benefits – and that keeps our customers coming back, year in, year out and puts more profits in our inspector’s pocket.

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